Summer Recap

OK, summer may be “officially” over but we are supposed to be getting some 80 degree weather and the upcoming week looks nice and warm (70s & 80s). So we thought we’d do a quick recap of some of the highlights of the past summer before going outside to enjoy a mini summer rebirth.

Blue-headed Vireo making us wish summer would never end
Blue-headed Vireo


  • We rediscovered a gem of a birding hotspot in our county, Deer Run Forest Preserve. Here we found numerous Henslow’s, Grasshopper, Savannah, Lark, Vesper, Song, Chipping, and Field Sparrows, including a couple of videos.


  • Birdfreak had the chance to bird with some Birding Pals from out-of-state: San Diego, CA and Boulder, CO
  • We visited Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin, a combination State Wildlife Area and National Wildlife Refuge (supported by Duck Stamps of course). We found a lot of big birds as well as some really nice small birds.



3 thoughts on “Summer Recap

  1. Larry – thanks! We’re planning on doing a lot more birding than we usually do this time of year but as the days get shorter it is hard to!

    Mon@rch – thank you! I can’t believe how quickly the types of birds change… one moment there are vireos and warblers and the next there are White-throated Sparrows and Juncos! Birds are the ones that decide what season it is I guess!

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