Rare Birds: Good For the Birding Community

One of the coolest things about a rare bird is how it brings birders together and draws attention to birds. The recent sighting of a Green-breasted Mango outside of Beloit, Wisconsin has spurred numerous news stories, something that doesn’t happen much in the world of birding.

We’ve had more non-birders talk to us about the Green-breasted Mango than any other bird. Many of these people told friends and family members about it. As an added bonus, the mango is a hummingbird, a family of birds that many “non-birders” love dearly. It is amazing how such a small, out-of-place bird can bring birders from all over together for one common goal: to see and enjoy birds.

Here’s to enjoying all birds, rare and common, and welcoming others into our wonderful hobby!!

UPDATE: Another bonus about rare birds and the exposure they get is that more birders will double-check those “strange” looking birds. There have been quite a bit of new reports of possible other “odd” hummingbirds in Wisconsin and Illinois; many are most likely nothing out of the ordinary, but many warrant further investigation.

2 thoughts on “Rare Birds: Good For the Birding Community

  1. Its so marvelous this whole bird thing…you guys are all excited by the Mango when here in Honduras its a very common hummer in the atlantic coast. whilst Northern Cardinals are common in the States and down here every time we get one its such a rare sighting and every body who has the chance of gazing at the bird talks about it days on end….and birders here are scarce….

    Im glad you got your mango! Good Birding!!!

  2. Thanks Daniel! It is so cool how we can be so far away yet really have such a connection through birds.

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