You Might Be A Birder If…

Did you know that there are 285 birds with the word wing in their name? Someone took a little time and came up with a list of how many birds have a common word within their name.
Blue-winged Teal
Blue-winged Teal
named for its blue wing seen in flight

Bird Humor is incredibly funny (to us birders). The Universal Laws of Birding were created by birders to explain why the bird shows up only after you leave.

Birders even have their own form of “Redneck” jokes!

  1. You might be a birder if you participate in hours-long discussions about the pros and cons of using a certain field guide
  2. You might be a birder if you bought your three-year old binoculars for his birthday.
  3. You might be a birder if you talk about the Big Day you don’t mean your wedding.
  4. There are many more links similar to these but you get the idea! Not only are they funny, but we as birders can identify with them!

    401 Red-headed Woodpecker 08
    Red-headed Woodpecker

    Caring about birds and trying to conserve their environment can be disheartening. It is hard to stay positive, but we must enjoy our birds and have fun watching them. And yes, a little crazy birder humor is necessary.

2 thoughts on “You Might Be A Birder If…

  1. you might be a birder if you spend thousands of dollars just to see one bird….

    you might be a birder if your binoculars, tripod and scope is more expensive than your car

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