World Birding From Home

It has been a busy, mosquito-biting week of smelly, muddy birding. So today the Birdfreak Team decided to go on a virtual field trip and do some worldly birding.
We are now leaving Rockford, Illinois to go birding!

Our first stop is the Sulaibikhat Reserve in Kuwait, where we find some really great photos, including Little Terns, Namaqua Doves and a Chiffchaff, which is a type of leaf warbler. There are about 355 species on the Kuwait Bird List and many are migrants. Birding Kuwait is a great blog for us because there are always species we have never heard of and lots of visually exciting photos.

Next we are heading over to Trevor’s Birding to find out what is new in Australia. What luck! His newest post on New Holland Honeyeaters is quite interesting and they are so beautiful!

On to Honduras next where Daniel from beautiful Honduras has been posting some cool birding videos. It is great to see some of the birds up close and personal. We have heard that he was unharmed by Hurricane Felix, the storm that hit Nicaragua and Honduras this past week and we wish him well.

Next up is Gerard Gorman’s blog from eastern Europe we find out that he has a new additional blog on the woodpeckers of Europe. It is a blog that is replacing his old website so he can update quicker, save time, and interact more. Very cool!

Our last stop is the Bird Ecology Study Group from Singapore. Always great for news and information on the birding life and behavior of their really cool birds of the area. Recently, they describe how the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker eats the fruit of an Indian Cherry Tree and there is a really neat photo sequence of the event. How they feed is a really neat topic and Orange-bellied Flowerpeckers are just stunning to look at.

Happy birding to all you bloggers outside the U.S. and in and thanks for joining us on this virtual fieldtrip

Willow Tree at the CNP

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  1. Corey: hee hee! Maybe a mini-I and the bird….we wanted to promote some cool blogs with a lot of miles in between them, like a huge trip. I love all the great blogs out there, but it is hard to keep up with reading them all!

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