Winter Wonderland at the Callaway Nature Preserve

The Lexus was stuck this morning so no work. At 7 this morning the snow was coming down so hard we couldn’t see the neighbor’s house across the street. Birds were aplently.

A female Cardinal was snacking on suet, something I only see in bad weather.

A male Cardinal had to share his feeder with a House Finch and House Sparrow.
At this point we probably had 8 inches of snow and I had to keep going out to uncover areas to put seed on the ground for the Juncos.

I believe feeding birds is especially needed in this sort of weather because it truly is harder to find stuff to eat and any help birds can get is a good idea.

All in all it was a sucky day to be driving (for those that drove) but the birds were active and fun to watch. I got within a foot or so of a American Goldfinch on a thistle feeder and while playing football in our cul-de-sac I was rewarded with a flyover Cooper’s Hawk, struggling only slightly in the blizzard conditions.

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