Winnebago Birding Guide

The Winnebago Birding Guide is an online bird-finding site that highlights the wonderful birding locations in Winnebago County. This county has done a wonderful job in preserving land but even so, some birds are no longer found here – most notably the Greater Prairie Chicken.

Currently there are 36 forest preserves, 1 state park, and several other notable protected sites. The Guide is a work in progress, but we are planning on doing quite a bit of work on it throughout 2007 and beyond.

Top 5 Birding Sites in Winnebago (unofficial)

  1. Rock Cut State Park
  2. Sugar River Forest Preserve
  3. Pecatonica Wetlands Forest Preserve
  4. Deer Run Forest Preserve
  5. Severson Dells

One thought on “Winnebago Birding Guide

  1. Cardinals have left my feeders. Red headed woodpecker‘s and Blue Jays have taken ownership of my feeder

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