Where Are All the Birds?

The weather we’ve been having, while not unique to others around the country, has been weird. Our summer was not that hot but of late it has been extra warm. Birds seem scarce every time we go out birding. Sure, the common stuff is there, but migration has been pretty… lame.

Castle Rock where the only birds were Turkey Vultures and a lonely Swainson’s Thrush
Castle Rock State Park

That said, we also haven’t been able to get out and bird as much. But this coming Saturday should help quench the birdless drought. Birdfreak is leading a hike along the Jane Addams Trail near Freeport, Illinois. (Not to be confused with a much more birdy Freeport located 1300 miles south.)

This is a North Central Illinois Ornithological Society (NCIOS) sanctioned field trip and it will be awesome. We will find birds, no matter what.

And despite the lackluster performance of birds even in the backyard, we had a brand new sighting of a Red-Shouldered Hawk which is yard bird #110.

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