Volunteering at TAILS (Animal Shelter)


I had been thinking of volunteering at an animal shelter for quite some time but didn’t want to commit until I was settled in to a more regular schedule. Now that I think I am, I decided to go for it and went to TAILS in DeKalb, Illinois to start volunteering.

For the first three visits I am at the “bottom” and will be mostly cleaning (cages, floors, dishes, blankets, etc.). But after that, I hope to become a dog walker and dog mentor and eventually work with the “troubled” dogs on training them and getting them to be adoptable!

That is my ultimate goal: to help as many dogs find their forever homes. My first visit I cleaned up puppy cages which, for three hours, was a lot of work. But, the reward was I got to play with puppies!!

Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

Now I just have to fight the urge to adopt one of these adorable dogs!
Cute Puppies

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