Turkeys Gone Wild

One of the best things about birding is that you never know where or when you’ll find certain birds. Sure, common birds often come to feeders. And there is nothing too shocking about seeing Mallards or Canada Geese along the Rock River. But a rafter of Wild Turkeys meandering down the sidewalk in a city of 150,000 plus?

Pretty darn cool.

Wild Turkeys

The turkeys were headed to a golf course.
Wild Turkey

Another wonderful thing about birding is sharing these experiences with someone you love. I surprised Stacia by taking her to see a Great-horned Owl in a nest. Despite a rather gloomy and chilly morning, we enjoyed watching the owl (who watched us as well) for several minutes. The turkeys were completely random.

Great-horned Owl

2 thoughts on “Turkeys Gone Wild

  1. Awesome on the turkeys & the owl’s nest! I’m hoping to get out before it gets to hot (now that I’m finally getting over my pneumonia.)

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