The Wisconsin Society of Ornithology

Part of the Bird Conservation Alliance

The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology was organized in 1939 to encourage the study of Wisconsin birds. The aims have since expanded to emphasize all of the many enjoyable aspects of birding and to support the research and habitat protection necessary to preserve Wisconsin birdlife. WSO strives to alert members and the public to situations and practices that threaten Wisconsin’s bird populations.

The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO) has over 1500 members, some from other states and countries. They have many events and festivals, including their annual convention which includes many cool field trips, presentations, and even youth birding activities. On May 17-20, they will hold their 68th convention.

The WSO’s Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas has published a large amount of data online, including many maps. They have a wonderful image library of pictures, and an audio library of sounds.
The WSO does survey work such as the Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey and partners with The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative.

For more information on birding Wisconsin, check out Mike’s Birding & Digiscoping Blog and
a Peregrine Falcon Webcam from Dairyland Power Cooperative.
The WSO is a great organization to join. They continue to work hard in the interest of birds.

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