The New Birder Experience

Birdfreak has found the most wonderful woman in the world, Stacia [stay-sha]. Not only is she gorgeous, intelligent, and sweet, she’s also completely into the outdoors! However, she is not officially a “birder” but we’re sure that will change!

StaciaWe have a rare and unusual opportunity here with The New Birder Experience: we get to learn, yes learn, from a brand new birder on what it takes to be a birder, what the learning curve is, and what tricks, tips, and tools are best suited (and not so well-suited) for attracting new birders.

Thankfully, Stacia is willing to have this journey broadcasted here, affording us all sorts of insights into the process of becoming a birder. We often take it for granted as to how we got into birding since it has been such a long time. A lot of professional, expert birders may be able to recall how they got into birding, but not necessarily with any detail. And the tools have significantly changed even since the 20+ years ago that we got into this hobby/sport.

We’ve also decided that despite Stacia having seen several species of birds (including a backyard Indigo Bunting), her lifelist begins at ZERO. Nada, zip, zilch; the first bird we found over this past weekend is bird #1. We will update often as the list grows and grows and also discuss just why it matters to keep lists.

The journey officially began this past weekend. Look for updates on what we saw and make sure to check back often on The New Birder Experience!

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  1. Thanks Mel… although I’m the lucky one 🙂 I hope I can be a good teacher too…

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