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Birders tend to also be readers, and sometimes writers. If you enjoy reading literature about birds, you might want to check out LBJ, a new publication that has a unique concept. Instead of publishing articles about birding, this publication focuses on literature about birds.

Following is a press release from LBJ:

“The LBJ is a biannual publication dedicated to birds and creative writing. Its title is drawn from the acronym for “little brown job,” used by birders to describe those difficult-to-identify species, such as many sparrows. While there are popular magazines (Audubon), scientific journals (The Auk), and other newsletters about birds, The LBJ is a uniquely literary venue, publishing new creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, narrative scholarship, and literary journalism of the feathered variety. In its pages, The LBJ hopes to encourage an appreciation and practice of environmental literature, and increasing collaboration between scientists, conservationists, and artists. It seeks innovative creative writing and literary reportage—the best writing about birds to be found.”

For information about subscribing or to find out how you can submit your own writing to LBJ, visit For their inaugural issue, they are holding a contest for original unpublished poetry and prose about birds, with cash prizes. The first issue will be out in July 2008.

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