The Great Backyard Bird Count Has Begun!

Birder’s… start your tallying! This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count officially began (at midnight I suppose) but unfortunately there’s a little thing called “work” and “school” that are getting in the way of counting. Hopefully the weekend will bring loads of birds!

Our tally will be posted on Monday!

One thought on “The Great Backyard Bird Count Has Begun!

  1. Oh, no! “work” and “school”! Those are terrible four letter words, Pard! Say, wait a minute. I’m retired, and got out of school over forty years ago. *Wide grin!* Picture me sitting at the Spillway on Galveston Bay watching the pelicans fish. I’ll be the one sipping a beer and singing that old Otis Redding song, “Sitting on the dock of the bay.” I wish ya’ll were here, Pard. 🙂

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