The Birdvine!

Birdvine [burd-vahyn] n. – A list of web address links that pertain to wild birds, birding, and birders.

Let me introduce you to a new concept created by the Birdfreaks known as the Birdvine. Most Internet surfers have seen link lists before – literally just a list of someone’s favorite links to other pages that they visit often or pertain to the topic of their website. In the Blogosphere (the world of Blogging), this is mostly referred to as a Blogroll. The links on a blogroll often have links to other sites that are not fully related to the main topic. This is fine for some, but not us.

Where the Birdvine differs from traditional link lists or blogrolls is in the fact that it stands for more than just a list of favorite places to browse. The Birdvine is a twisting mass of links to all kinds of websites that deal with birds and birding. On the surface, some of these sites will not appear to have much at all to do with birding. Often these are conservation-based sites that in their actions of conserving help out birds, and of course, birders too!

Also included on the Birdvine are sites of top notch photographers, nature lodges, bird tour companies, bird clubs, and of course, other blogs. Birding blogs have increased incredibly in the last year or so. For great details on this topic, check out Birds Etcetera.

The Birdvine is still in development and is always evolving. Thus, it is like the grapevine in our backyard – no one knows where they start and there really is no end, but they are always full of birds!

3 thoughts on “The Birdvine!

  1. Nicely laid out blog … great work. Saw that you were a new site on ‘Top 500 Birding Websites’ and that you were in the top 100. A nice addition to my birding links.

  2. BirdAdvocate – thanks for the comment…I am looking to join webrings, link lists, list servs, etc. to help bring birders together. The more birders are connected, the better we all are.

    Ben Cacace – Glad you like my blog and saw it on the Top 500. Thanks for adding my link. I will do the same!

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