The Amazing Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

I love sites that collect groups of goodness, especially videos and imagery. I was directed to a website through a friend that is absolutely amazing called ARKive. It is a collection of images and videos using some of the best photographers and videographers of nature.

Wildlife films and photos are vital weapons in the battle to save the world’s endangered species from the brink of extinction.
So with the help of the world’s best filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and scientists, ARKive is creating the ultimate multimedia guide to the world’s endangered animals, plants and fungi. –ARKive – Images of Life on Earth

This video from the BBC Motion Gallery captures the Osprey fishing underwater. It is truely an amazing, rare look into the daily life of the Osprey. Please take a moment to check this video out – it is STUNNING.

(Click the image to see the video)
ARKive video - Osprey - overview

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