Take a Kid Birding

This is #21 of 31 Days to Better Birding and Conservation

Kids are like sponges (perhaps that’s why they like Spongebob so much); they learn incredibly fast and are fascinated by what’s around them. If you take a kid birding you are laying the groundwork for future birders and of course, future conservationists. A few tips to help kid birders:

  1. Go at a steady pace but try to observe anything you see
  2. Let them use binoculars but make sure they are easy to handle
  3. Bring a scope along for close up views
  4. Try to take one kid at a time so they can focus better
  5. If you do take a group of kids, assign each a special task to keep them on track; example: One kid holds the bird book while another carries the official checklist/notebook
  6. Go with the flow – if a weird bug is found, investigate it; check out trees and plants and what’s in the creek – it doesn’t have to be just birds
  7. Keep it a learning experience without feeling like school; sometimes the best learning is done by personal observation and investigation

Birdfreak and his nephew the Little Kingfisher
Birdfreak and the Little Kingfisher taking a “Birding Break” at Lake Superior

These tips are just a few of the ways to help you introduce the wonders of nature to young ones. And it’s always fun to revisit the “common” aspects of nature through the eyes of kids!

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  1. Thanks Patrick! That’s a great program and they even have bumper stickers promoting this.

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