TAILS Visit Number Two

To continue my volunteering at TAILS Humane Society, I spent two more hours there on a rainy Saturday morning.

As soon as I arrived I was put to work walking dogs! This is one of the main things I wanted to do when I volunteered so I was thrilled to get to on just my second visit (usually takes longer!).

Walking a Dog at TAILS

Chester at TAILS

Chester at TAILS

Walking the dogs is not only functional (for them to use the bathroom) but great for their well being. Walks have been proven to help dogs form lasting social bonds with their owners. Of course, I am just a substitute for a real owner, but the short time I walked each dog at least gave them a bit of freedom and will hopefully assist the dog find a forever home in the near future.

Hound at TAILS

And of course, I had to play with the puppies a bit before I left!

Puppies at TAILS

Puppies at TAILS

I plan on continuing my volunteer work at TAILS and eventually become a dog mentor; someone who assists one-on-one with helping dogs become better trained and adoptable.

I have a special love for the “difficult” dogs as my own adopted dog has “issues” that I am trying to work her through.

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