Swarovski Blogging Event Day One

I am getting ready to hang out with several bloggers from around the country and tour Swarovski Optik’s facility in Cranston, Rhode Island. So far our trip out here has been great, including a few life birds (more about them later!) and several states I’ve never been to before (including Rhode Island).

Here’s a view we had from Fort Adams State Park yesterday with the bridge from Newport to Jamestown, Rhode Island in the background.
Rhode Island

I’ll post more info about our travels in the upcoming days (weeks?) as today will be busy and tomorrow we are going on an all-day field trip in Massachusetts to look for terns and shorebirds.

Fingers crossed for a rarity!


4 thoughts on “Swarovski Blogging Event Day One

  1. Was the water and sky really that blue? Wow! Beautiful. I sure hope you continue to have a great time. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

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