Subtropical Florida – Partners in Flight Area Plan


The Partners in Flight Area Plan for Subtropical Florida includes the southern part of Florida from Lake Okeechobee to the Florida Keys. The region is broken up into four sub-regions, the Everglades being the largest.

Fire and hurricanes play significant roles in the ecology of the region.

Partners in Flight is working with many local organizations such as Save Our Everglades Program, the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act, Florida’s Everglades Forever Act and the development of the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.

As many birders know, southern Florida is superb for birding. Some of the birds that are part of the Subtropical Florida plan are:
* Florida subspecies of Burrowing Owl, Sandhill Crane and Prairie Warbler
* Florida populations of Crested Caracara, Snail Kite, Short-tailed Hawk
* Cape Sable subspecies of Seaside Sparrow
* Cuban subspecies of Yellow Warbler
* Clapper, Yellow, and Black Rails
There are many other birds, some of which are extirpated from the area but could hopefully return some day.

Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler, part of the Free to Use Bird Photos on Flickr

The plan is not completed yet and the date of completion is currently unknown. I will update when it is published.

Map of the Partners in Flight Area Plans

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