Spring Brings in the Blogs

Here are a few recent posts from other birding blogs:

Being the lover of the southwest that we are, we would like you to check out Aimophila Adventures’ post on Catalina State Park. Rick Wright got a beautiful shot of the Saguaro Cacti, with a Gilded Flicker on top! His blog is always a good read.

Far, far away from our U.S. state of Illinois is a cool Australia blog, Trevor’s Birding. Trevor writes extremely well and posts about some wonderful places such as Granite Island, Victor Harbor.

Another Birdfreak favorite is Hondubirding, por el Amor a las Aves -For the Love of the Birds- Daniel Germer had a really great post on Snow Geese Migration.

Also, check out Mon@rch’s Nature Blog for his great photos such as an Osprey and really really cute Tree Swallows.

4 thoughts on “Spring Brings in the Blogs

  1. Thanks for the praise and the linK! (in this business links are gold) Never seen a snow goose here but if time and patience are on my side and some cash too ill see one eventually!

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