Song Sparrow et all

I was pleasently surprised to find a Song Sparrow outside my bedroom window this morning, mingling with the Dark-eyed Juncos. These birds are so common when I’m out birding but in our yard they are seldom found (compared to other sparrows like Fox and White-throated). This is probably what I love most about birding. No matter how many times you see a bird you never know when one will show up in an odd place, at an odd time, or in an odd quantity. Nothing about birding is really a guarantee and it is always interesting.

Birds seem to be moving about all over because the temperature is over 70 degrees! I finally spotted a Robin officially in our yard (in a tree in our yard). Spring is here! I have a feeling a Fox Sparrow will arrive soon. We also had a Hairy Woodpecker, not seen nearly as much as our resident Downy pair or the loud Red-bellies.

One thought on “Song Sparrow et all

  1. -Song Sparrows are interesting because there are so many variations.Hairy Woodpeckers are impressive looking compared to the Downy.They are supposed to be more solitary too.

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