Skechers Shape-ups 1,000 Mile Project Update – 150 Mile Mark

For the next year I will be putting a brand new pair of Skechers Shape-ups AT Diamondback Trail through the gauntlet of “birder abuse”. I have passed the 150 mile mark! Here are my thoughts thus far.

I have been walking Bella nearly twice a day at 1-2 miles each time. I love that the shoes force me to stand up straighter and also make me feel taller. (The cushioning gives me about a half inch of height.)

Good posture is an overlooked but important point when teaching a dog to heel. If you are slouching the dog will take advantage that you are not walking confidently as a leader.

I have also been able to get out on some dirty trails to do some birding. The shoes are comfortable on uneven paths but do take some getting used to. A couple times I felt like I was going to roll my ankle to the side on a tree root. But the support held strong and my ankle was fine.

The shoes look nearly brand new with just a few scuff marks (and a little dirt). The tread is in perfect condition still.

The only thing I’ve noticed negatively of the Shape-Ups is when the terrain is wet they make a squishy sound even well after the wetness has dried. In fact, my left shoe still makes a squeak with each step so I don’t know if moisture is trapped in there or not.

Here is the weekly breakdown of mileage:
Week 1: 38.35 miles
Week 2: 42.15 miles
Week 3: 37.70 miles
Week 4: 34.10 miles
Total: 152.30 miles (as of April 11, 2011)

Most of the miles are done on pavement, the majority during my morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks at work. View the complete breakdown of miles walked by day.

Please note: We are not doctors; if you wish to follow anything we say please consult your doctor first. Walking is still one of the safest and easiest ways to get in shape but we don’t want anyone to injure themselves!

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