Rock Cut State Park – Spring is Coming!

March has finally arrived and the dullness of February has already lifted. We spent part of the morning birding at a favorite local spot, Rock Cut State Park. Despite it being a bit cold and slow birding wise, there were a few definite signs that spring is getting closer.

Creek at Rock Cut State Park

For starters, we found a large group of American Robins along with a Northern Shrike. Northern Cardinals were singing their “berlin” song and the Downy Woodpeckers are courting.

But the biggest sign of good birds to come is that despite there being hardly any open water, a group of Lesser Scaups and a couple of American Coots were feeding in the lake. March should be good for a lot of waterfowl and we can’t wait for spring to really bring in the birds.

Lesser Scaup – #185 on our Photo Lifelist
Lesser Scaup
American Coot ice-skating
American Coot

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