Review – Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter (UCA)

The following is a review of Swarovski’s Universal Camera Adapter (UCA). When coupled to a Swarovski spotting scope and a camera (or video camera) you have a super powerful way to capture excellent shots of birds and other wildlife.

At a mere 12 oz., the UCA will not add any undue weight to your photography and birding gear. At first look the UCA may appear a bit complex (it is pretty innovative) and takes a little while to get used to how it functions. However, the adjustments are intuitive once you start playing with them.

Here’s how to get set up and ready to digiscope:

First, position the “connection sleeve” away from the tripod adapter if your camera is large (like a DSLR or camcorder) or facing inward if the camera is small (point-and-shoot).

For large cameras
Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter UCA

For smaller cameras
Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter UCA

Second, attach the mount to your camera’s tripod adapter (this is the standard tripod mount for most cameras) and slide it into position on the UCA.

Third and Fourth, adjust the distance of the camera (on the mount) from the connection sleeve while adjusting the height of the sleeve to match the camera’s lens. On point and shoots you’ll want the camera on and the lens out to properly position.

This is what the setup looks like with a DSLR camera
Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter UCA
Please note this is just for illustrative purposes and not set up precisely.

Last, slide the connection sleeve over the spotting scope’s eyepiece so the lenses almost touch. Make final adjustments and make sure all adjustments are tightened.

Once your setup is ready you can easily slide the UCA on and off and the adjustments stay in position.

We love how this adapter works because if you use various cameras (DSLR, point and shoot, video camera, one borrowed from a friend) you do not need any other ring or adapter piece. Just reposition with a few twists of the knobs and you’re good to go.

If you only use one camera, Swarovski’s Digital Camera Adapter (DCA) is easier to use. But for functionality, the UCA provides a great tool for multi-purpose recording of images and video through the spotting scope.

All photos are for illustrative purposes. Instructions are our interpretations of how to use the UCA. Please refer to the instruction manual provided by Swarovski to use properly. We received the UCA from Swarovski to review on

3 thoughts on “Review – Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter (UCA)

  1. I take it one would have to have the lens set on “manual” focus? I sometimes wonder how this can possibly work. I’m assuming there’s no way to connect a scope to a 300mm lens…

  2. Lana – Theoretically, you could attach the 300mm lens to the scope. But functionally it wouldn’t work right. The best (we’ve seen) is still a 50mm lens set on manual focus or if using a point-and-shoot keep it at about 3x or whatever removes the black edges. Let the focusing be done by the scope to ensure the camera isn’t lost “searching” for focus points.

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