Review – Princeton Field Guides Birds of Peru

Peru is a ridiculously cool place to see birds. With over 1,800 species to be seen in a wide array of beautiful habitats, Peru is on most birders short lists of must-see destinations.

Birds of Peru (Princeton Field Guides) provides a complete and awesome guide to identify Peruvian birds. The guide covers 1,817 bird species, all in full color and, despite the overwhelming feeling of grasping so many birds, manages to keep things organized.

Birds of Peru uses artwork to accurately depict the most obvious plumages and provides descriptive text and identification tips, focusing on using the guide in the field. Distribution maps are included next to the text, and although they are small, provide a great overview of where to find the birds.

The introduction provides plenty of information on the habitat types of Peru, how to use the guide, and a few maps to better understand Peru’s topography and the 24 departments (like states) of Peru.

There is also a wonderful section on conservation that includes a list and locator map of the most important bird locations in Peru.

Birds of Peru is most definitely a must for any birder who badly wants to travel to Peru (like me) and is a gem of information on perhaps the best neotropical birding locale.

5 thoughts on “Review – Princeton Field Guides Birds of Peru

  1. Hi there!
    It is a cool guide, our favorite over here… so… when are you coming over for a visit? 😉
    Besos desde el Perú!

  2. Mel – hopefully I’ll visit in a few years . . . need to save up vacation time and $$

  3. Oh yes, this is quite the awesome field guide and was on hiatus for sooooo long. I wish it would have been out when I was working in Peru in 2001 and 2002 but that’s all the more reason to go back to that incredibaly exciting, bird rich country.

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