Review of the Swarovski Optik 25-50x W Eyepiece

The following is a review of the Swarovski 25-50x W Eyepiece spotting scope eyepiece. This wide angle eyepiece can be used for wildlife observation and digiscoping.

Swarovski 25-50x Scope Eyepiece

To use the 25-50x W eyepiece (or any Swarovski eyepiece) you must remove the previous one first. Or if this is your first eyepiece just install it by first removing the cover and lining up the arrows on the scope and eyepiece proper. Turn until it snaps into place and you’re ready to go.

The scope we use exclusively is the Swarovski 80 HD STS which has an aluminum body, 80mm objective lens, and fluoride high definition coating. The tripod is the Swarovski CT 101 carbon fiber with FH 101 head.

What I love about the Swarovski 25-50x is that almost throughout the range the image is crystal clear. There is hardly any noticeable distortion from heat waves or small vibrations, even at full zoom.

The field of view is wide and ranges from 126 ft/1000 yds at 25x to 81 ft/1000 yds at 50x. Like all of Swarovski eyepieces, this one is watertight to 13 ft water depth: no worries about birding in the rain. The 25-50x W is a bit heavier than our other eyepiece, the 20-60x, at 10.4 oz (compared to 9.2 oz). This is hardly noticeable.

We use our scope a lot for digiscoping and the Swarovski 25-50x W performs exceptionally well. The range is fully usable and offers great scanning ability at the lower range and a lot of ability to zoom in closer on a subject.

Peregrine Falcon, Rockford, Illinois – February 2010
Peregrine Falcon

Comparison shot to show the distance

Update from Swarovski: If you purchase the UCA, Swarovski will send you a new eyecup for the 20-60x at no charge. So you can use any of Swarovski’s excellent eyepieces to digiscope. Just give them a call! [Part No. 44089 is the eyecup and part no. 44048 is the new lens cover compatible with the new eyecup.]

Please note: If you are planning on digiscoping with the Universal Camera Adapter (UCA) from Swarovski it doesn’t fit over the 20-60x eyepiece. It works perfectly on the 25-50x W eyepiece and we’ll be reviewing the UCA soon!

A few more shots with the 25-50x W:

Brown Creeper
Brown Creeper (Digiscoped)

Golden-crowned Kinglet
Golden-crowned Kinglet (Digiscoped)
Kinglets are hard buggers to get as they move around constantly and like sitting behind branches.

Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes (Digiscoped)

Both the 20-60x and 25-50x W eyepieces are amazing. We’ll probably be using the 25-50x W more for digiscoping as it offers that needed edge to get closer without losing image quality. And the added bonus of using the UCA helps too.

3 thoughts on “Review of the Swarovski Optik 25-50x W Eyepiece

  1. I am thinking of buying an old Swarovski scope (grey colour, AT-80 HD I think )
    Do you think the Swarovski 25-50x zoom eyepiece will be completely compatible?

  2. Hi,
    it works perfect!
    A friend of mine use it with great success and the 25-50 eye piece (and also 20-60) fits the AT80/ AT80HD spotting scope very well. The only issue is that there is no locking function.
    But the eye piece fits so well to the spotting scope “bayonet” that there will be no problem with that.
    This is a great combination and the performances are excellent!
    Regards/ micke from Sweden

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