Review of The Scoop From “Bird Poop”

The Scoop from Bird Poop: 35 Years of Wild Bird Rescues (Wildlife Birds Birdwatching) is a collection of 84 tales of bird rescues. The stories come from author Bebe McCasland’s weekly column “Bird Poop” that is still being printed in The Big Spring Herald (Big Spring, Texas).

Don’t worry though, the stories aren’t about bird excrement. The title comes from the old term where a reporter was sent to get the “poop” or factual information pertinent to the story.

The stories do provide an excellent variety of individual rescues of a wide range of bird species. In The Scoop from Bird Poop you’ll read about a one-footed roadrunner, a Great Blue Heron held in a drunk tank, plus a Great Horned Owl riding the rails.

Each story is supplemented with excellent illustrations by Don Collins, a native Texan and Korean War veteran.

Overall, the stories are easy to read and fun recounts of bird rescues. The tales are great for all ages and we highly recommend this for younger naturalists.

None of the stories are long or complicated but the overall book provides a fantastic insight into the many odd situations bird rescuers face.

Check out the December 7th “Bird Poop” column about a loon rescue.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to support wild bird rescue efforts.

Disclaimer: We received this book free of charge from the publisher to review on

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  1. Thanks for this review. Sounds like a book I would enjoy – the two Bird Poop columns I could find online were great.

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