Review of The Birds of Kaua’i

The state of Hawai’i offers an amazing diversity of birds in a fantasy-like setting of beauty. The oldest of the main islands, Kaua’i, is often said to be the best for birders and nature lovers.

The Birds of Kaua’i by Jim Denny covers the various birds found on The Garden Island, from the native forest birds to those introduced by past travelers.

The introductory chapter provides a nice overview of the island of Kaua’i including its history and what visitors can expect. It also discusses the disappointing fact that many past and potentially future Hawaiian birds are extinct or headed that way.

The rest of the book has sections on native forest birds, wetland birds and shore birds, seabirds, and introduced birds. Each section has some introductory text explaining what to look for and what impacts each group of birds.

Following that are one page profiles of the main birds to be found on Kaua’i. A color photograph is included for more common birds while a color illustration appears for birds that are most likely extinct or extremely rare.

The best part of the species profiles is the information on where to go to find each bird. Several locations stand out but the Pihea Trail boardwalk in Koke’e State Park sounds like the best for forest birds.

We will definitely be packing The Birds of Kaua’i on our May trip to Kaua’i and the Big Island!

Disclaimer: We received a free copy of this book from the publisher to review on

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