Review of Lars Jonsson’s Birds: Paintings From a Near Horizon

Often referred to as the most influential Swedish wildlife artist, Lars Jonsson’s work is spectacular and realistic. His art captures the true spirit of observation, capturing “real” moments in the lives of his subjects.

“Painting and drawing from life is part of my philosophy, in fact it is my philosophy.” – Lars Jonsson

In 1988 Lars became the youngest artist to win “The Master Wildlife Artist Award”, something usually reserved for older “more experienced” artists. Even a quick look into Lars Jonsson’s Birds: Paintings from a Near Horizon and it is understandable how he earned this great honor.

While this 192 page book could be relegated to coffee table status, it is much more worthy of extensive study for anyone with an artistic desire. There are 150 full-color paintings including some of Jonsson’s earliest works and sketches. Accompanying the jaw-dropping artwork is Jonsson’s own thoughts on his work which also includes information on his methodology.

Lars’ power of observation is explicitly displayed in his works and serves as visual cues to how every birder, whether or not they are artistic, should engage in this hobby/sport.

Lars Jonsson’s Birds: Paintings from a Near Horizon
Princeton University Press
Cloth – $55.00

5 thoughts on “Review of Lars Jonsson’s Birds: Paintings From a Near Horizon

  1. Unfortunately I think I’m going to pass on this. I’m on the verge of quitting art completely for the 3rd (& last) time as it is.

  2. In contrast I can’t get enough bird art. I am always fascinated by someone’s ability to render realistic bird form in painting or drawing. There are as many different styles as there are artists but Jonsson is one of my favorites. While we have several good North American bird guides, none equal the artistic effort that went into his “Birds of Europe” book. It is a masterpiece. Just look at his plates on stints and sandpipers. Okay, enough gushing…

  3. Lana – I hope you don’t quit art 🙁 … As someone with no artistic talent other than photography, I always appreciate those with talent and you’ve got talent 🙂

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