Review of Icebreaker Hiking Wear From Natureshop Clothing

I was recently contacted by Natureshop in New Zealand to review some of their Icebreaker hiking clothing. Here is what I think.

L to R: GT Run Tracer Pant, SS Sprint Crewe shirt, and Hike + Mid Crewe socks
New Hiking Clothes to Review

Icebreaker GT Technical 200 – SS Sprint Crewe shirt

At first I was worried about the sizing of the shirt as I’ve worn “form-fitting” before and they can be uncomfortably tight. But this shirt in medium fits wonderfully; a perfect balance of close-fitting but not restrictive. Immediately I loved how the merino wool felt. The construction feels solid and durable and after wearing the SS Sprint Crewe for awhile it felt almost like I wasn’t wearing it.

Me in New Hiking Gear

I did some hiking in 80-85 degree weather and I sweated a lot. The shirt wicked the sweat to the outside and was soaked pretty good. But underneath I was pretty dry and after hanging the shirt up to air out, it too was dry and like new.

I have also been wearing the shirt when I workout at the gym and it is perfect for running and biking. Again, I sweated profusely but kept dry underneath. Besides the high level of comfort, the shirt rocks because no matter how hard I work out it never smells!

Icebreaker GT Run – Tracer Pant

The Tracer Pant also fits perfectly (medium) and is better than I expected from running/hiking pants. The material has some stretch to it and the merino wool is not itchy. Again, the material wicks the sweat away like magic and dries super quick.

Me in New Hiking Gear

I’ve been dog-walking, hiking, and running in these pants and they work great. There are two zippered pockets that provide enough room for keys, wallet, phone, etc. and I don’t have to worry about them falling out. The material does not smell at all after a long, fast-paced workout or hike. Truly incredible!

We highly recommend both the GT Run Tracer Pant and GT Technical 200 – SS Sprint Crewe for all types of outdoor and athletic activities. They are a bit pricey but the quality and workability make them worthwhile. I will review them again along with the hiking socks in the winter to see how they handle the extreme cold of northern Illinois.

Disclaimer: I received the above items for free to review on but do not get any payment for your purchase.

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