Review of Birds of East Asia

Birds of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia (Princeton Field Guides) is a high quality, wonderful bird guide worthy of every birder’s bookshelf. The guide covers a large region which includes: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia. Each species profile includes extensive information with adjacent map.

The color plates are less crowded than most field guides with large drawings. The plates are on the opposing page of the species data and maps, our preferred design for a useful guide. Over 950 maps display range and migration routes for the birds more likely to be encountered.

The beginning of the guide has a handy family key that provides a quick reference to unfamiliar groups of birds and aides in quickly finding the correct section of birds. An appendix provides a detailed (and a bit overwhelming) table of the status of the birds of east Asia. From a conservationist’s point-of-view, this is a wonderful addition to an already superb field guide.

Princeton University Press – $39.95 (paper) / $79.50 (cloth)
by Mark Brazil

4 thoughts on “Review of Birds of East Asia

  1. I always enjoy your book reviews, but I also wanted to thank you for the free downloads. I just printed out “Birdfreak Guide for Teen Birders – Ages 13 to 19” for my son (who is 13). He is quickly becoming an avid bird watcher, and it’s nice for him to know there are others out there with his interest (as there are few in his school!).

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  3. You are more than welcome and it is VERY humbling to hear such kind words. It is a shame that more young ones aren’t interested in birds but hopefully over time that will change for the better.

  4. There are many magazine style WordPress themes out there (just Google them) but Thesis (the theme we use) has options that allow for similar use of magazine styles. Unfortunately, this would require familiarity with functions and tweaks. But there are many good free ones out there!!

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