Review of Arctic Autumn: A Journey to Season’s Edge by Pete Dunne

The following is a review of Arctic Autumn: A Journey to Season’s Edge by Pete Dunne.

This slim, compact volume is the third book in Pete Dunne’s four-book series based on the seasons. Previous titles in the series are Prairie Spring [our review] and Bayshore Summer.

Although you might not associate the Arctic with the season of autumn (another season comes to mind instead), Dunne’s latest book, recounting trips that Dunne and his wife—photographer Linda Dunne—took between June and November of 2007, provides insight and adventure into this breathtakingly beautiful region of the world.

The book is comprised of eight chapters, each one taking the reader into one of Dunne’s Arctic adventures. Each chapter begins with an anecdotal retelling of Dunne’s personal experiences, always entertaining because Dunne has an engaging narrative voice.

In each chapter, the author also provides information about the area’s climate, native people, animals inhabiting the area, and more. For example, one section explains the history of man’s relationship with wolves, which I found particularly interesting.

The book also includes 16 pages of color photos, taken by Linda Dunne.

Overall I found the book to be both entertaining and informative. I gained new insights from the book while, at times, laughing aloud from some of the mishaps that occurred (as one might expect) when the Dunnes traveled to some of the most remote places on the globe. (Dunne put meticulous research into this book.)

The only complaint I have is that Dunne neglected to include a map showing the general region, specifically places the Dunnes had visited over the course of their travels. Many of Dunne’s readers have probably not visited the Arctic and some might have a limited knowledge of the geography. Although Dunne’s writing is precise and informative, a visual representation (i.e. map) would have been a helpful tool that I would have referred to frequently during reading.

I would recommend Arctic Autumn: A Journey to Season’s Edge to birders and anyone who is interested in visiting or learning more about the Arctic.

Review by Susan Callaway

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  1. Great point about the map. I had Google Maps open the whole time I was reading the book. Dunne’s descriptions were good enough that I could follow them down the river by looking at the satellite image.

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