Review: Hummingbirds and Butterflies

hummingbirds-butterfliesHummingbirds and Butterflies (Peterson Field Guides/Bird Watcher’s Digest Backyard Bird Guides) provides a large amount of information from two of the nation’s backyard wildlife experts. Bill Thompson III and Connie Toops have teamed up to help backyard gardener’s enhance their landscape specifically for two of the most popular winged creatures around: hummingbirds and butterflies.

The book includes a lot of know-how into getting your yard, no matter the size, primed and ready for attracting wildlife. Specific lists of preferred types of plants are included by region for hummingbirds and butterflies separately, although naturally there is some overlapping.

The most common butterfly and hummingbird species are covered in a field guide-esq format with range maps, identification marks, behaviors, and more. Unfortunately, the caterpillar forms of the butterflies are not included, which would have been much appreciated.

There are a few drawings of layouts for possible garden arrangements although more would be nice. It is impossible to include a specific garden layout for any particular yard, but I always enjoy looking at how other people arrange various flowers, shrubs, and trees to create beautiful tapestries of colors that flow well together.

Overall, Hummingbirds and Butterflies is jam-packed with information about how to attract these energetic and colorful creatures.

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