Red-headed Woodpecker

The Red-headed Woodpecker is one of the coolest birds to watch. Two years ago, The Birdfreak Team was lucky enough to have a rare appearance of these beauties at the Callaway Nature Preserve‘s old, dying Willow Tree.

Unfortunately, this species is declining. Habitat loss is the main reason. Additional causes are car collisions, fire suppression, and the European Starling invasion. But, according to Audubon’s WatchList, the Red-headed Woodpecker’s nesting competition with the European Starling may not be as devestating as previously though because of the different times they nest.

The good news is that habitat restoration is helping bring these guys back. The reestablishment of oak savannas is a key factor. In areas such as the Pleasant Valley Conservancy’s Savanna Oak Foundation, Inc. in southwestern Wisconsin, restoration work has brought the return of the Red-headed Woodpecker back in significant numbers. Organizations such as these are always looking for volunteers and donations to help with restoration work.

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