Rare Bird in Arizona – Sinaloa Wren

Matt Brown of The Patagonia Birding and Butterfly Company in Arizona and Robin Baxter found a singing Sinaloa (Bar-vented) Wren at the Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve in Patagonia, Arizona.

This will be a new record for the ABA area and the search is on to re-locate the bird, seen Monday morning between ten and ten forty-five. Matt Brown was able to get a photograph of the bird which is posted on the Arizona Field Ornithologists‘ site. He was also able to record the sound for further documentation.

Sinaloa Wren
Sinaloa Wren
Thanks to Glen Tepke for permission to use photo – This photo shows the amazing tail of this awesome wren.

Rick Wright of Aimophila Adventures posted some photos of the bird for identification help for those in search of the Sinaloa Wren. The entire Birdfreak Team is wishing they were 1400 miles closer to the excitement!

4 thoughts on “Rare Bird in Arizona – Sinaloa Wren

  1. Just a clarification that my photo of a Sinaloa Wren above is not the AZ bird – the photo was taken near Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, Mexico. Congrats to Matt Brown for a great find, and to Birdfreak for a very interesting blog.


  2. Glen – thanks for the permission… I should’ve clarified that 🙂

    Sweet bird whether in Mexico or Arizona!

  3. hii, this is very good information especially for the research i am doing about rare birds in arizona, thank you very much..

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