Queen Charlotte Islands Ecoregion

Name: Queen Charlotte Islands Ecoregion – NA0525 World Wildlife Fund

Location: Archipelago separated from British Columbia and Alaska by the Hectate Straight

Size: 3,900 square miles (about the size of Connecticut)

White-crowned Sparrow, one of the many birds found on the Queen Charlotte Islands
White-crowned Sparrow
Photo part of the Free to Use Bird Photos on Flickr

General Description: The forest areas consist of old-growth, west-coast rainforests with wetlands mixed in. Nearly 50% of the habitat has been altered mostly due to logging operations. The logging mixed with heavy rainfall create severe erosion problems. The logging has also created a domino effect by increasing the population of the introduced black-tailed deer which in turn hurts the habiat more.

Birding: Queen Charlotte Islands provides a critical stopover site for migrating birds to and from Alaska. The island is also important for colonial nesting birds and raptors. There are several subspecies of birds unique to the area, although there are no full species that are threatened or endangered.

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