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When it comes to birding optics we are far from experts. We’ve gone through several different types before getting “better” binoculars. The usual line is to buy the best optics you can afford and for the most part this is true. However, we’d alter it to just say buy the best optics for you.

Swarovski EL 10x42

For the most part, optics increase in quality as they increase in price. Should you buy a $500 pair of binoculars now, only to be unhappy in a year and then want to buy ones for $1000? For us, it is better to splurge a little and get really good bins. You’re going to be using them for many years so quality matters.

But price is only part of the equation. You need to try them out and make sure they fit your style of birding and your eyes. But when all is said in done, you don’t want to miss that Blackburnian Warbler because your binoculars aren’t up to par.

3 thoughts on “Purchase High-Quality Optics

  1. I have swift 8x 42 roofs. They are good for the price,but I’ve been wanting an upgrade for a while now. Most birders that I’ve talked to seem to think Leica or Swarovski are two of the best.I tried the latest models of both. For some reason,the Leica didn’t do anything for me.It may be something to do with my narow ipd.The Swarovski 8.5 x42 gave me a stunning view!i’m looking forward to getting some, but with the nearly 2k tag, I’m going to have to wait on it a bit.-Hopefully not for long!

  2. I have Swift 8.5 x 44 porros. They are a bit bulky, and they could stand to focus more closely, but other than that I really can’t complain. There are some good choices at the bottom of the market these days. If cost is an issue, then it’s probably better to get a cheaper pair and be out birding sooner, than to wait for a top-of-the-line pair.

  3. Personally I would recommend anyone starting out birding to go with an 8×42 pair of binoculars. It has just the right magnification x objective lens level to be great for all around use, and especially nice for birding where you may not have time to set up a tripod.

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