Phriday Photo – Mob Mentality

5 American Crows vs. Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tail Mobbed by Crows

Red-tail vs Crow

Red-tail's Shadow

Only one crow continued the mobbing session, following the hawk higher and higher until they were both specs. The Red-tail had the upper hand the entire time, gliding with ease as the crow struggled to gain altitude.

4 thoughts on “Phriday Photo – Mob Mentality

  1. I love watching those acrobacies…here in Tegucigalpa its common to see Great Tailed Grackle fight with Black vultures or TV´s
    Since I was a kid its reminded me of WWII movies where the fighters attacked the bombers… birds.

  2. That’s pretty cool that you caught that!I enjoy watching that sort of stuff.-I remember a rwbb attaching itself to the back of a hawk.

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