14 thoughts on “Phriday Photo – Eastern Bluebird and the Sunrise

  1. Hey Birdfreak team,

    Your Friday sunset is gorgeous! But I know it’s COLD up there, and your weather has been a bit windy and rainy in Northern Illinois, as the Operation Migration team is stuck in Winnebago County! Say a little prayer that the weather becomes favorable soon, and allows the 14 young Whooping crane chicks and their ultralight parents to move on and get them to Florida! Thanks!

  2. Phenomenal sunrise, so richly coloured and dramatic! The eastern bluebird is lovely too. One day I’ll have a camera with a long lens; I’d love to be able to take photos like that.

  3. Excellent Sunrise shot. I am a night-owl. I need to either get up earlier, or not go to bed at all to make it to sunrise. 🙂

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