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I came across a wonderful photography blog that features some amazing bird photos and more. Rich Ditch’s Photography Blog features bird photos, information on photography and a very unique Vanity Plate Gallery.

Why is this photography blog so unique?
Rich Ditch has been “collecting” bird vanity plate photos for years. He was even featured in a 1988 issue of Audubon magazine for this collection.

I love finding other birders with birding-related themes on their vehicle so I was excited to find this large gallery of them!

One thought on “Photography Blog – Rich Ditch

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Rich at his favorite birding patch in Arizona when I first got into birding. I’ve been enjoying his blog for some time now and I really appreciate his mentoring spirit as it relates to bird photography. He has also been on my judging panel for photo contests on my website. Thanks for sharing Rich’s blog with a larger audience!

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