Photo Lifelist Hits 177!

The Birdfreak Team has been working on a Photo Lifelist for awhile now and we finally reached 177 species! We were going to celebrate the 175th, but due to faulty counting, we passed it already! So here is number 177 on our photo lifelist!

Rough-legged Hawk
This Rough-legged Hawk was “shot” while out on our first Christmas Bird Count of the year!

The photo life list can never end, because even if we photographed 10,000 species, (we wish!) we know you can always take a better picture so our work is never done!

Ruffed GrouseLittle Blue HeronRuby-throated Hummingbird Female Great KiskadeeForster's TernGreat Horned Owl

Listing is so fun, and there is no end to what you can list! County lists, state lists, year lists, month lists, life lists, North American lists, forest preserve lists, backyard lists…..or no list! Just one more reason birding is so great!

4 thoughts on “Photo Lifelist Hits 177!

  1. Congratulations. Very nice! My husband & I keep a list of our yard visitors (all critters, not just birds.) I also report birds spotted at a wide variety of places around here to eBird, to cover all of my bases.

  2. Lana – Wonderful that you use eBird!! We have been trying to promote it to other birders as it is such an excellent way to not only track your sightings, but contribute to citizen science and bird conservation.

  3. Congratulations on 177.-I’ve never seen a Rough-legged Hawk but I’ve been told that they can resemble an immature RTH.-A couple were reported in our area on the CBC’s -so I’m hoping to find one soon.

  4. Hello, birdfreak – thank you for stopping by wrenaissance to say hello. I’m glad we’ve connected by blog and flickr! I’m really enjoying your site and I love the photo life list idea. I’m thinking that reorganizing my flickr photos like this is a good new year’s project.

    I’m going to read some of your earlier posts, because I really want to hear more about CNP creation and maintenance.

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