21 thoughts on “Pelicans!! [Skywatch Friday]

  1. Pelicans are so awesome! I love the story of their rebound from endangerment here in Louisiana. A shame, of course, that any bird (nevermind our STATE bird,) should be endangered in the first place…but I digress.

  2. Absolutely adore the pelican shots, especially the one where it looks like a dropping stone and you want to yell “watch under”.

  3. Wonderful images, Birdfreak.

    I’ve seen the pelicans we have down here around Galveston Island, but I’ve never noticed the red bulges/growths on the bills before. Since those show up on multiple birds in your photos, I assume that’s a common feature on white pelicans. Looks somewhat similar to growth on many turkey vultures. Is there a biological purpose for this? Just curious…

  4. Pelicans in flight are some of my favorite birds to watch. That profile flight shot of the brown pelican is fantastic.

    Have fun with your scope this weekend!

  5. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    Sharon – most definitely will be testing out the new scope!!

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