Our Jeff Corwin Experience

A couple months ago we heard that Jeff Corwin was going to be in Sycamore, Illinois (about 30 miles southeast of our home in Rockford) so we decided to make it a family event and bought tickets. Saturday we had the live “Jeff Corwin Experience” and it was awesome!

Jeff Corwin being mobbed with questions
Jeff Corwin and the Mob

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Corwin, he is a wildlife-television superstar who does many shows on Animal Planet and has also recently written a cool book (which we plan on reviewing sometime soon). But Jeff is much more than just some smart-talking celebrity. He’s the real deal when it comes to conservation.

While the show focused on reptiles and amphibians (no birds) it was still great to hear Jeff in person and to listen to some of his insights about conservation topics. He even discussed nature-deficit-disorder and voiced his displeasure about kids that have never held a toad or played in a creek.

We videotaped part of the question and answer session at the end including when he was asked his favorite bird. Unfortunately, the audio wasn’t great and we are unsure the bird. Anyone who knows the bird (especially how to spell it) please add a comment!

Jeff Corwin Tells the Crowd His Favorite Bird from birdfreak on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Our Jeff Corwin Experience

  1. Eddie: I believe the bird is a Hoopoe. It is found in southern and eastern Europe.


  2. We don’t think it was Hoopoe because he says that it went extinct after they had filmed it in the wild. It sounded a bit like hula hula or something but the audio is not good at all and the crowd was rather loud (and rude).

  3. How cool for you! That must’ve been a blast. Although I couldn’t make out what was said on the video, I sure sympathize for poor Jeff! He’s like a caterpillar being mobbed by army ants or something!

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