Ohio Young Birders Meet Author Richard Crossley

Richard Crossley– author of The Crossley ID GuideRichard Crossley

The Ohio Young Birders Club was invited to meet field guide author Richard Crossley who presented at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio. He discussed his life and bird identification plus signed books (included Birdfreak’s!). Dakota traveled with fellow Ohio young birder Kayla and her wonderful grandparents who were kind enough to drive. They had a great time!

Pre-talk Fun
Audubon Center

Grange Audubon Center

The Ever-so-awesome Black Swamp Bird Observatory Education Director – Ken Keffer
Ken Keffer

Dakota writes…
Traveling to Columbus during rush hour was a challenge but we made it to the Audubon Center just in time to eat pizza and listen to author Richard Crossley speak. There were not many people there to start off with because Mr. Crossley was doing a seperate talk for just the young birders. After that, a lot more people started to show up for the main talk.

“The Crossley beckons the reader to observe the scenes and better familiarize themselves with the bird and the habitat.” – Eddie, Birdfreak.com review

He spoke to the young birders about how he started birding, were he was from, and how lucky we are to have such a great young birders club. And we really are lucky. The Ohio Young Birders Club is very active and it brings young birders together.

Mr. Crossley’s Presentation
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For the main talk, Mr. Crossley spoke about his birding life and career. He is a great story teller and the whole audience was captivated. His accent was cool too! He is originally from Europe but now lives in New Jersey.

He talked about the ups and downs he experienced while birding and some of the things he turned down to be a birder.

Did you know he was once offered professional training in soccer and lacrosse when he was 14 but said no?

Mr. Crossley is a very passionate birder. His ID guide is different from most. He shows the birds as you would see them. Flying, perching, landing, males and females of different ages.

“As a new birder I love that the Crossley shows the bird from so many different angles . . . the habitat scenes bring the whole bird identification picture together.” Stacia, Birdfreak.com review

The night was a lot of fun despite coming home late on a school night.

We encourage you to read the Birdfreak review of The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds.

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  1. Nice write-up Dakota. We enjoyed the evening as well and were very inspired by what Mr. Crossley had to say. I’m very glad that he takes the time to talk to Young Birders!

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