Ohio Young Birders Club – Big Sit 2010

Big Sitting in Ohio for the first time could not have been more enjoyable for the eastern Birdfreaks. We had great weather, promoted the young birders club, and directly helped the birds all by sitting in a small circle together with a couple scopes and some binoculars.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
Ottawa NWR

The 17-foot circle was at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and contained a diverse array of habitat. Marsh, woods, grasses, and a long view of the horizon gave us every opportunity for a high count.


The Ohio Young Birders Club raised money through pledges for habitat restoration at the Middle Bass East Point Preserve. This area is a crucial stopover for migratory birds with an impressive 700 feet of natural shoreline: a VERY worthy cause!

Young Birder

Out total was an impressive 62 species. From Tundra Swan to White-crowned Sparrow, American Bittern to Ruby-crowned Kinglet we kept our eyes and ears busy.

We all had a wonderful time counting at the Big Sit. Read the details of the Middle Bass Island Habitat Restoration: (PDF)

Young Birder

Big Sit 2010

Big Sit 2010

Group Sighting!
Big Sit 2010

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