National Birds — Mexico

There are many symbols that can be used to represent a country. A national bird is one of the most common. Often these symbols are printed on flags, seals, money, and popular products. People then associate that bird with their country.

Crested Caracara
Photo courtesy of (c) Dinali Sanchez, dinali77

Mexico’s national bird is the (Northern) Crested Caracara. It is depicted on the Mexican flag and is considered an omen of good luck.
The Aztec and Myan cultures held this bird in high esteem and wore jewelry of their claws and headresses of their feathers.

These (Northern) Crested Caracaras are mostly found on or near the ground in open areas. They are scavengers and predators.

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  1. Dinali is my all time favorite photographer and such a wonderful photo of this Crested Caracara that she photographed! Good Job Dinali!!

  2. This is a great picture im resercing things on mexico and i thought this was a great piture of their national bird i reslly like it if you could e- msil me back i would like to kno more

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    Kendall Kuhn

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