Mystery Bird From the Photo Vault

I was going through some of our bird pictures and found one that I think we might of mislabeled. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a pro birder, just a Birdfreak. I love birds and pursue them constantly, but this one we had mixed opinions on.  I’m hoping to get a concensus on it so I can label it properly.



Please help me identify the bird in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Mystery Bird From the Photo Vault

  1. This is a Tennessee Warbler. Particularly in the upper photo, notice the extremely long primary extension, the white-tipped longest feathers of the wing sticking way out beyond the shorter tertials. The pale tips to the greater coverts also create a single wingbar. The long bill is rather stout-based and straight, and the supercilium is bright and broad. The extensive off-white on the belly and flank is also typical.
    Now send one of these my way: I’ve never seen one in AZ.

  2. Thanks for the detailed ID. This is what we had labeled the bird but we started talking ourselves out of that ID. We thought it could’ve been a vireo or some other warbler. Fed-ex says they don’t deliver warblers, but maybe we could make a trade. Have any Painted Redstarts to spare?

  3. We have some spare TN Warblers from last winter here in Honduras, any chance of trading them for Chestnuy sided warblers….lol good laugh
    At first I thought that was also a Vireo….
    Danny…amateur birdfreak

  4. I would trade just about anything for any warbler about now. We have been having below zero temps all week and I am ready for spring migration. Maybe a trip to Honduras is in order 🙂

  5. Cool! we have a bunch of warblers here, but most of em are migrants, but then again theres the mangrove warbler, pretty little thing, if you decide to come down here let me know, i could take y´all to some nice birding sites…ever seen Resplendent Quetzals? I have a nice spot where im doing some research….
    Good Birding!!
    Danny…..amateur birdfreak

  6. I’ve seen Resplendent Quetzals hundreds of times – in books! I would love to see one for real and that is way cool that you have them where you’re doing research. I don’t think I’ll be able to go down there anytime soon, but will take you up on the offer if I do. Honduras sounds like a great place to bird!

  7. Ohh yeah we have some 715 species between migrants and permanent residents, just endemic though “Honduran emerald” but then again we have a bunch of central american endemics like 3 wattled bellbirds, some other hummingbirds and so on.
    and the resplendent quetzals….well your life changes when you see them for the first time, those colors get burned in your retina and you cant forget em…and the song! (quite horrible I must say) but I hear it all day because its quetzals the topic of the research so….lots of fun.
    Great place to bird mostly by americans and some europeans here and there……..
    But id trade it all for a Bald Eagle (sighs)
    Danny…amateur birdfreak

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