Musings From a Young Bird Conservationist

We asked Dakota a few questions about bird conservation as we discussed birding on a warm late summer afternoon. This is also our Skywatch Friday post for this week.


Why do you like birds?

Because they are cool to watch and it is so cool to study them. I love their songs and each bird has a different sound. My favorite birds are Northern Gannets, warblers, and definitely raptors.

Do you feel birds are in trouble?

Yes. People are taking over their habitat, cutting down trees and polluting waterways.

What would happen if bird species started disappearing?

It would be sad and there would be too many bugs. Less plants would be spread by seeds and it would be less fun since there would be less to watch.

What are you doing to help bird conservation?

Participating in Christmas Bird Counts and learning to band birds. I use birds in school projects to help show other kids that birds are great. It is hard to talk to my friends about birds because they don’t understand how fun it is. Some of them do not seem to enjoy being outside as much.

How do you define bird conservation?

Helping birds by donating money to protect them. Volunteering at birding events helps too. Also, protecting them to keep them from declining and especially going extinct.

If you haven’t entered our weekly photo meme, Bird Photography Weekly, you still have time! A new one comes out next Monday.

20 thoughts on “Musings From a Young Bird Conservationist

  1. Nice effect, capturing the reflection in the glasses. I don’t think I’ve seen that particular twist on skywatch previously.

    And kudos to you for mentoring Dakota and inspiring his interest.

  2. Hi, thank you for visiting. Great, interesting blog. Do you know the australian whipbird; they come and visit my garden; I am thrilled when I hear their sounds, because it needs always two birds the male and the female to produce this distinctive sound of a whip.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful comments 🙂

    Titania – that is really cool about the Whipbird! I’ve heard of them but never have seen them. Someday I’ll make it to Australia.

    ~ Birdfreak

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