Mountain and Prairie Podcast

The Mountain and Prairie Podcast is the work of conservationist Ed Roberson. Mr. Roberson is based in Colorado and works professionally as the Conservation Director at Palmer Land Trust. His podcast covers a fascinating range of topics centering on the American West.

Mountain and Prairie Podcast

Mountain and Prairie Podcast blends adventure, conservation, history, and reading into engaging long form interviews. The guests share their experiences in the west and come from a wide range of backgrounds. Ed does a spectacular job as an interviewer by asking interesting questions and more importantly, letting his guests talk uninterrupted.

Mr. Roberson is an unabashed Theodore Roosevelt aficionado, and many of his inquiries have a hint of TR in them. He is also well read in western history and literature and the podcast focuses heavily on encouraging listeners to pick up interesting books to read.

Some of my favorite episodes (and there are many) include:

  1. Hal Herring – A Man of Words & Wild Places
  2. Sara Dent – A Deep Dive Into the History of the West
  3. Gabe Vasquez – Advocate for Equity in the Outdoors
  4. Tyler Sharp – 2 episodes including one on Modern Huntsman

I’ve discovered numerous conservation organizations to research and books to devour because of Mountain and Prairie Podcast. Ed even has a recommended books newsletter so sign up to that and the podcast to learn more about the American West and be inspired to explore and conserve.

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