Mon@rch caught a Black-throated Blue Warbler!

Caught on tape! Exclusive footage of a lady Black-throated Blue Warbler by one cool New York birder!

The Black-throated Blue Warbler is a stunning bird. Two years ago, the Birdfreak Team was lucky enough to have one stop by for a drink in the Callaway Nature Preserve, but alas! we have not been so lucky since.

They do not nest in our neck of the woods, but we hope to see baby Blues on Mon@rch’s Blog!

Here are our pictures of our Black-throated Blue’s quick pit stop two springs ago!

601 Black-throated Blue Warbler 03

Black-throated Blue Warbler

601 Black-throated Blue Warbler 02

One thought on “Mon@rch caught a Black-throated Blue Warbler!

  1. it was one heck of a hike to get up their! Not sure if I could locate it again!! But, maybe I can come up with some baby btbw chicks! Thanks for the links!

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